Learning about change

in Christian organisations

We all need tools to help us plan and manage change. It would be great if we could each share some of our favourite tools - with a very short description of what it it.

For example Raj uses "Force Field Analysis" - a process for identifying driving and restraining forces in any change. This tool highlights the importance of working on the restraining forces first. See http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newTED_06.htm

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Dear Rick,

Not sure if thoughts on Women and OD should be written in this space but couldn't find anywhere else to respond! I have pasted in some reflections from my college Kalpana Basnet, OD Advisor with United Mission to Nepal and a few thoughts from myself at the end.


Sue Davén


Some experiences and ideas of Kalpana Basnet working as an OD consultant with United Mission to Nepal.

Interaction and reflection are the key processes in organizational development for bringing changes in behavior and actions of personnel within an organization. Women enjoy the process of sharing and learning from each other that creates a positive and creative atmosphere. Male consultants rarely create such an environment but rather present their own ideas without engaging in a capacity building process.

Women generally have a high level of integrity which is the key principle for organizational development.

Women can encourage other women to create an environment for women to work together. As a female consultant in OD, I have been encouraging male led NGOs and Cooperatives to provide opportunities for appointing women into leadership positions. As a result, in my working area there are 50% women in leadership positions at local level NGOs. 

When I visit these organizations I make sure that if the Chairperson is a man that he involves women in the discussion. Such efforts enables women to learn and grow.

One organization led by a woman was receiving coaching from a male OD facilitator but she did not make much progress during the three year period. She felt the failure of the projects were due to not having a female consultant with whom she could share ideas openly. She began to lose interest and confidence in planning for her organization. When the male facilitator moved from there I took responsibility for this organization. They welcomed me and shared their feelings, problems and ideas openly with me. They made their annual organizational plan for the first time as I facilitated this process. The organization has now made significant progress for their communities. She is developing a five year strategic/business plan to expand the service of her organization and better serve marginalized women.

On one occasion I and a male OD consultant were facilitating an NGO leadership training workshop. One of the female participants who attended the training for the first time in her life was not able to introduce herself due to her fear of speaking in front of men. He tried a lot to encourage her to introduce herself but it was not possible. I understood her problem and took her out of the class and she shared with me her feelings of fear of men. I took over leading the session and was able to help the participant to gain confidence.

Further comments from Sue Davén, previous OD Adviser with UMN and now a free lance OD consultant based in Sweden.

In our OD team with UMN, Kalpana is the only women among 9 men! When I came onto the team two years ago, we enjoyed sharing our experiences and learning from each other. It takes a lot of courage and strength to be the only woman in a team and facilitating an OD process in an organization who has male leadership. Fortunately there are a number of women cluster team leaders within UMN giving opportunities for women to give support to each other. As OD is such a key area for all organizations, women need to be equipped and trained to take on OD positions.







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