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Through my organisation, since 1 year now we have been working with the Youth aged between 12 - 20 years from families of the middle class, around 15 - 20 Youth. We gather 1x a week with the Christian Youth for prayer and worship and 1x a week with mixed Youth (moslems and buddhists also attend),  activities include: seminars, music & sports and social. My Youth Leader is Christian, a young lady (comes in 2x a week) and my Youth Coordinator is Christian (fulltime staff) is a Youth himself aged 19 years, just finished high school. Btw, he wants to become an evangelist. His family comes from a moslem background. We just held our first Youth Camp YGC FLOWER (Youth Generation Community and FLOWER stands for: faith, love, obedience, wisdom, enthusiasm, responsibility). The Youth members come from very different backgrounds and cultures eventhough from the same country. From different islands around Indonesia: Sulawesi, Sumatera, West Java, Middle Java, East Java, Nias, Kalimantan, also Chinese. We started this mixed Youth group too, because we are in the midst of a very mixed community. We are burdened with the problems the Youth faces. And we want them to do something for and with the Youth to open up their minds become creative with just simple things in life. When they become member they are introduced to FLOWER as basic of the community.  we also start some counselling sessions with the Youth, one on one.  But it seems very hard to make them grow their empathy, sportiveness, care for others, responsibility... the change is according to me very, very little or ample... what is wrong? and how can we improve?  The Youth Leader and I are still working hard on the program, but the Youth Coordinator is sometimes very angry with the Youth if they don't help prepare things well. Help me with your thoughts on how to make them future leaders even though they dont get good examples from home?

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Dear Blanche,

Thanks for sharing your ministry. I think it is great that the youth can come together and learn. I used to work with the youth. It is a very challenging task. Prayer and a lot of patience are needed. The youth will look up to you as leaders so being a good example is very important. But remember that only God can touch the heart in a deeper level. God is the only one who can change hearts. We might not see the outcome immediately but when God is at work, God will do great things. I will remember you in my prayers.

All the best,



Hi Blanche - hope all is well with YTLI. I often think of you and the amazing work you are doing.

Your story reminds me of one of my favourite quotes by Albert Schweitzer "Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing". I think the youth will learn most from the example of their group leaders.

Hi Rick James! i am honored to receive a short yet strong message from you. I will remember this. This is coincidence. While i am getting 'desperate' in knowing whether all we do for and with the youth brings changes or not, you know what happened just yesterday the 25th August? Well, in the afternoon a woman on her slippers stepped into our office, looking for me.. she took a small stool and sat next to me beside my desk. her name Berliana the mother of one of the male youth aged 18 years, i never met her before, but she shared her life with me (she is Christian) where her husband already passed away during a motorbike accident, leaving Berliana behind with 2 children. a son and a daughter. her daughter is selling donuts along the street to pay for her school fees. She has a big headache with the upbringing of her son. He often does the opposite that she tells him to do and she even had to send him from home because he is so tough to handle. But she said since he has been joining the youth group here her son named Sahat has changed a lot.  I showed here the handicraft he taught the youth group to make and she couldnt believe that Sahat had made this. i also shared with Berliana that also with Sahat i have individual talks to motivate him to become more firm towards his friends.  She thanked me,  asked for prayers and left. I praise God for His love and that He uses us for His purpose... 

Maybe the next Youth Camp, Rick James will be our Speaker? who knows....

YTLI is doing fine, in March 2016 this project will end. We are looking for new opportunities.  For your info, YTLI and Yamakindo have joined offices so it is more efficient for both, so our office is packed!

Dear Elaine, 

Thank you for your input and prayers for us here. It sure is a challenging task. Just remembering myself going through a difficult youth wanting to help others to pass it with success and fear for the Lord. I understand it takes time, if i look at myself it took ages!!!!  All the Youth leaders are discipline people and maybe too strict for them? Today the Christian Youth have a session, on Fridays it is a mixed Youth. Thank you Elaine, keep me updated on anything that i can share with the Youth from there for the Youth here. Best wishes, blanche




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