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Panic or peace

Panic, worry, regret. I felt overwhelmed. I’d just heard that a two-year consultancy I had committed myself to had been suspended with immediate effect due to financial mismanagement by the local partner. What was I to do? I’d turned down so many assignments to concentrate on this one. What would the family live on?

But in the days ahead, as I found myself with considerable free time, I discovered that I started to enjoy experiences that had almost disappeared from my life. I suddenly…


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My role in changing other people

How could she do this to me? Couldn’t she see how much she’d hurt me? My closest friend had let me down a third time in a row. For her sake she needed to apologise.

I felt I needed to make her feel guilty – so that she would change. So I made my responses to her short and curt so that she would get the message. I felt completely justified, but began to see that my limited communication was driving the wedge further between us. Yet still she did not even seem to realise that she had…


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Learning about OD and Change



We are all constantly grappling with managing change to be effective and fulfilled in what we do. At times change seems almost impossible. It is so tempting to give up. But, when the process is well-managed, there are inspiring examples of transformative change taking place. Change is so complex and depends on timing, who is involved,…


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Space for Grace Practice Principles

(Updated: 2015-09-28)

We have come up with a one page outline of ‘The Space for Grace Approach’. These are ten key principles distilled from a decade of practice that we believe can differentiate space for grace from ‘normal’ OD. It’s not meant as a final answer, but simply a contribution to on-going thinking. What do you think is missing? How can it be improved?

Taking a ‘space for grace’ approach is…


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Beyond guilt and eggshells

As an OD consultant I have become well-aware that my self is the best tool in a change process. So I found someone to talk my work issues through with during regular counselling sessions. One issue that kept surfacing was how much my life was dominated by wondering what others will think - whether they disapprove if I am going out of the established norms.…


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Judging Participants

On the first day I could tell we were going to have problems. One female participant stood out as vocal, a bit argumentative, with a tendency to leap to conclusions and constantly give advice to others. I tried to ensure she did not disrupt the learning process for others as well as enable her to contribute.


It seemed to be going OK until the third day when she ignored my instructions to work in groups of four. I was tempted to let her be, thinking I did not want to argue…


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Humble confidence

I sometimes struggle with working with humility and confidence. A few weeks ago, I was making some suggestions to my co-facilitator as we were doing some joint planning for an event. After we finished, he asked me to reflect on my posture while making my contributions. I realized that I had done it quite hesitantly. I was trying not to be presumptuous with my thoughts, and this had affected my confidence to make a contribution in this particular work situation. It dawned on me that…


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